commissions info

Price list and general commission information


B&W clean sketches.

  • Headshot (from the neck up) - $25

  • Bust (shoulders visible) - $30

Flat colour

Flat colour portraits with minimal shading. Usually with single color, gradient or transparent background.

  • Headshot (from the neck up) - $50

  • Bust (shoulders visible) - $65

  • Will charge extra for complicated details like horns, elaborate jewelry, armor, etc

Fully painted

  • Headshot (from the neck up): $125

  • Bust (shoulders visible): $160

  • Waist-up: $200

  • Illustration - with detailed background, props, effects, complex pose - starting from $250

  • Additional character: +75%

  • Will charge and extra for complicated details like horns, elaborate jewelry, armor and weapons, magical effects or other props. The amount depends on the type of commission (portrait, waistup, etc)

All characters belong to their respectful owners that commissioned me.


Commercial use

  • + 30% for non-exclusive license

  • + 60% for exclusive license

Please include as much references as possible - hair, facial features, face claims if you have any, expression, pose, previous art of the character etc. These things make it easier for me to deliver a piece that you'll be satisfied with.I do not draw NSFW, gore (some blood, scars and cuts is OK), anthropomorphic characters or mechas.Payment is in USD and only through PayPal. I’ll send an invoice after confirming the commission, payment is half upfront and the other half when I send the finished piece.You will receive a full-size PNG file of the piece. I retain all rights of the artwork and may post it on social media or use it as examples of my work.

Didn't find what you were looking for? This is a list of the types of artworks that I most often do. If what you're looking for isn't listed or if you have any other questions, please drop me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss it.